President Introduction

A brief history

After graduating from Waseda University Graduate Schools as a master of electrical engineering, I joined Nissan Motor.
I have developed a number of new electronic systems that are responsible for the evolutionary era of car electronics, and commercialized it as the first in the world or Japan for the first time.
In order to continue engaging in development work, I established Quest Engineering Company and promoted new development. At the same time, I was responsible for launching the Hyundai Motor Japan Research Institute, and promoting the development of advanced in-vehicle electronic technology.

As an original product of Quest Engineering, I developed an electric wheelchair driven by a crawler belt in 2012 In the same year, I was appointed President and CEO, Nanoptonics Energy Co., Ltd., promoted mass production by naming it as Unimo.
Promoting development, production and sales through collaboration at the two companies, we are present.


1978 Joined Nissan Motor
1997 Established QUEST ENGINEERING CO., LTD. CEO(current position)
1997 HYUNDAI MOTOR assumed office as director of the Japan Technology Institute
2010 Inaugurated as Director, Edia Corporation
2012 Inauguration as Director of UNIMO Corporation (current position)