UNIBO is the crawler robot,It has a high safety and high stability.

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*When you get over the step, it is recommended the caregiver accompanied. Also when you get off a large step, please be sure down to backward (by the rear auxiliary wheels).
*By road conditions, riding posture, or weight, etc., there are times when it does not satisfy the each performance. *Read the instruction manual, please reasonable operation.

Safe equipment to support comfortable everyday―

  • UNIMO砂浜走行
  • UNIMO雪道走行
  • UNIMO山の上ホテル


*Technical support fee of crawler robot [UNIBO] is required separately. Please contact our sales department.

  • UNIBO基本性能
  • UNIBO走破性

Development contract

Please leave the development and prototyping and mass production of the vehicle electronic systems and embedded electronic devices.
The goods the customer wants, we will be commercialized. Planning, detailed design, prototyping and, manufacturing, We has the experience of all the development phase.this is our strength.

Flow to delivery from the inquiry are as follows:

  • Customer

    Actual thing
  • Our company

    Development planning
    Specification design
    Detailed design
    Development Prototype
    Mass production study
  • Output

    Product planning manual
    External specification
    Detailed design document
    Mass production proposal
    Mass-produced product

Co., Ltd. Quest Engineering


About Us

company name Co., Ltd. Quest Engineering
Representative Mikio TakeuchiPresident Introduction
address 〒166-0015
Naritahigashi,Suginami - ku, Tokyo
Establishment August 1997
Capital 30 million yen
Line of business Electric mobility developing and manufacturing. Automotive electronic components developing and manufacturing. electronic equipment and electronic components consultanting.

Management philosophy

By mobile Devices with a new value,
We create the excitement and happiness to the world.

Create Happiness and Impression!

Behavioral guidelines

To create new value-added in the mobility field, we suggest.
The proposal becomes iuniversal, unique, united, and exciting.

◇in everyday use, our customers can feel excitement and happness never before.
◇Workers have a high motivation to create new value-added. they feel themself the excitement and happiness never before.

Toward the realization of the above-mentioned things,We will continue to own effort.

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